November 5, 2002

What’s in a name?

Darin suggested that I should have named this site “:p” since I use that a lot <vbg> Actually, that’s kinda appropriate too since I do do that a lot. I scatter emoticons all over my writing quite liberally (sometimes I think I do that a bit more than is called for by “approved” writing styles – but who care’s for other people’s conventions? :p) and it’s mostly because it is hard to convey emotions when you’re writing. I want people to know exactly how I felt when I wrote something and you can be sure that if I put a smiley somewhere that I was smiling as I wrote it. Of course, the only exception is the “:p” because I am not sticking my tongue out when I put it down … but I feel like doing so 🙂 That basically explains my attitude towards most of the world too – I like to stick my tongue out at them and say “nyah, nyah” and just do whatever I want to do and hence the constant usages (or should that be overusage? :p) of the ubiquitious “:p”

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