November 4, 2002

Change is a constant …

I’ve been updating the template for the site so that you don’t have to scroll horizontally to read an entry. I hated that bit about the template but it took some reworking to get that the way I wanted it to. It still might not work properly for you and if so, let me know.

I was talking to Jen today and realized that she could post here too since Moveable Type does allow multiple users – so now it’s become *our* blog instead of just mine :p I don’t know how often she’ll be posting here but you can expect several posts a day from me – at least till the novelty wears off <vbg> After that, who knows? I still haven’t had time to look into the Moveable Type, Grey Matter, Blog et al client that I have been talking about but I know it’s possible now since I did have time to look into the MT documentation. So it’s just a matter of time as to when the client arrives …

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