November 3, 2002

I’m going to make one of my very rare double-posts (OK, I’m obsessive compulsive about not making more than one post a day – so sue me :p) because I did put the idea I had in the morning about a second journal into action! I went into work (since otherwise I would have had to work on a dial-up connection), downloaded Moveable Type and then set it up and a couple of hours later, I have a new blog named Solipsistic Meanderings! There is only one entry and there is a lot of changes and additions to be made but for the moment I do have a new blog :p Of course, this reminds me why I coded Blog in the first place – now I can post from anywhere with web access but I have to be online to post from home and that’s a pain on a dial-up connection 🙁 I guess I could write the entry beforehand and then quickly connect and post but even that doesn’t really suit me and so I’ll probably end up writing some sort of an app which can connect to a Moveable Type blog, upload entries and perhaps even synchronize other entries made from other places so that you have everything in one place. I know that’s going to be a big job but it sounds pretty interesting and you know how I am about coding interesting projects :p In the meantime, you can get all the personal dope about me at Solipsistic Meanderings while I’ll talk about coding stuff right here 🙂

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