October 28, 2002

Got back from the airport a little while back – no, I wasn’t trying to leave the country so soon again :p I had to go back to get my luggage which had arrived from Singapore – that was an adventure in itself what with all the hassles you have to go through to just get into the air port … I think they are determined to make it hard for you just so that you will not lose your luggage in a hurry again :p I met a guy from Australia who had had his luggage go all the way to Germany and had finally got it back today. He said that he’d had some irreplaceable items in there and that he hadn’t had any toiletries or anything for three days. Plus, he’s on his way to India next (he was in Sri Lanka for a month) and that he was planning to visit the Himalayas and that he would need his sleeping bag there – must be nice to be able to travel like that … The only places I seem to see on my travels are the insides of airports <vbg> Jen and I have talked of traveling extensively but then again, she’s not even talking to me at the moment – so maybe it will all be a pipe dream, who knows?

I found out that .Net Magazine did run the article on blogging that they contacted me about but since their site does not include an online version of the article nor does their CD’s contents list Blog as being on it, I don’t know if Blog was mentioned. I guess it’s cool if it was and if not, hey nothing’s lost :p Anybody in UK who can confirm or deny as to whether Blog was mentioned in the article? And maybe if you have the magazine and if it does mention Blog, you can scan a copy of the article for me? Please? <g> Of course, asking for a copy of a magazine article maybe breaking some sort of copyright laws – who knows? :p

Since I’ve got my luggage, I should be able to release a special build of Blog 7.0 that removes the nag dialog at the start. I will not change the version number since that’s going to be the only change in the build since Blog 7.0 final. But I do intend to do a 7.01 or 7.1 release (depending on how big the changes are ..) which will hopefully fix all the bugs that people seem to experience. Just can’t promise you an ETA for that release though since I’ll probably put Blog on back burner for a while while I concentrate on PostMan – or I might simply take a little break from coding altogether if certain personal life issues go the way I fear that they will … Guess we’ll see how it all works out – sometimes I wish life was a lot simpler …

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