October 8, 2002

Over the weekend Edward McCain found several bugs in the latest build of Blog. Not only did he help eliminate (at least we think it eliminated it …) that infuriating “list index out of bounds” error but he discovered several other problems which caused errors in Blog. Not cotent wiht that, he went on to discover a couple of more bugs in the Purge Entries dialog which has probably been there since that option was added – shows what a good tester I am :p Oh yeah, he also found a curious problem with the calendar control in that we can only go back to October 1752 – not sure about the year but it’s somewhere around there. This of course seems to be either standard Delphi or standard MS behaviour but it was an interesting thing …

I’ve fixed all the other bugs – can’t do anything about the calendar control – and probably am ready to release Blog 7.0 final except for the fact that I am no too happy with the digest functionality yet. So I might just wait till I have got to the US, settled in and had time to contemplate the digest functionality a bit more before I do the next (and hopefully the final …) release. Oh yes, another bug which has come up is Blog not recognizing that there is an Internet connection when you have a cable Net connection. I’ve heard about this once before but the person who reported it didn’t seem to be willing to help with finding the cause but now Andrew has come forward to work with me on this. Anybody else on cable who has this problem or had this problem and sorted it out?

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