October 27, 2002

I had a talk with my parents (my father specifically since it’s sometimes a bit difficult to reason with my Mom due to the fact that she gets overly emotional :p) about the fact that I didn’t really care for an arranged marriage. Jen had told me a while back that I should be honest with my parents and let them know how I feel but I’d been afraid to do so for fear of hurting them. Turns out that Jen was right – it was better to talk to them even though there might be some pain involved. It could have been the fact that I have recently returned from my trip and they are still treating me as if I might break into a thousand pieces at a moments notice <g> but they did sort of see my point and have agreed to let me be and not try to arrange any marriages for me 🙂 I told my Dad that I would tell him when I find somebody that I want to marry and while they seemed to agree to it, I now get all these hints about how I’m getting old – so I guess things don’t change that quickly :p

Speaking of Jen, she’s convinced that a lot of hits to her site come from mine and recently she lost one of her hosts – the one I link to from my page. The the other mirror of her site is still functional and I will be updating my own link on the sidebar to point to that page. So if anybody was wondering Jen is on the Net, now you know 🙂

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