October 1, 2002

Things haven’t been going so smoothly lately. I opened up Blog to test the changes I made day before yesterday and turns out I had somehow broken the spell-checking since every word I type was underlined in red. I thought maybe I’d somehow switched the entry box to use Unicode since I had changed the font on the main form to a scalable font but switching the font back did not help. I was looking at the PlusMemo website since that’s the component that I use for the entry box and realized that I was a couple of releases behind. So I upgraded and guess what? The whole she bang stopped working! Now I can’t even run Blog and if I try to remove the PlusMemo component off the form, I get an AV in the Delphi IDE and I have to shut the whole thing down 🙁

The good things is that Raymond Courteau who develops PlusMemo, responds blazingly fast to support queries. In fact, besides the guys at Addictive Software – whose great spell-check component they were kind enough to donate to me for free -, Raymond is about the only other guy I know of who responds to support queries so quickly – and, I’m not even a paid user of theirs! Anyway, Raymond did write back last night and wanted more details, which I sent to him but I have a feeling that the time difference is going to be a bit of a problem in resolving this issue quickly. Till I can get that sorted out though, I don’t think I can proceed with Blog 🙁 Of course, I could always drop back to the older version of the component but then I’ll still have to find the reason for the spell-check not working and if it is a Unicode problem as I believe, I don’t have the Unicode version of the older component … Ah well, we’ll see I guess …

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