October 25, 2002

Ok, I am back … sorry about the unannounced hiatus but I’ve been traveling again – specifically, I’ve gone back to the US and been turned around and sent home … again! I feel tired, discouraged and sad – why does this have to keep on happening to me? I went up to Chicago this time and was stopped by the INS, they pulled me out of the line, questioned me and searched my baggage and in the process informed me that my visitor visa was automatically canceled since I intended to talk to a lawyer about my greencard while I was in the US visiting friends. I had not thought of talking to lawyers as an intention to stay in the US but according to the INS it is and so I was inadmissible :p I was held in in one of their rooms at the airport for a day, put back on a flight to Tokyo the next day and was sent packing!

I got as far as Singapore on the trip back before I hit another snag – the first available flight (for which I had to wait for about seven hours …) was full and the next flight was around seventeen hours later! There was no help for it and so I stayed at Changi airport. Of course, if I had to be stuck at any airport, I would choose Singapore’s Changi since it’s like a mini-city. There are showers, restaurants, movie theaters, cafes, hotels, shops and a cybercafe – all inside the airport. I discovered that the cybercafe allows you free access if you have your own computer and since I was traveling with my trusty notebook, I was able to hook it up and be online and checking e-mail in about four days! Jen was online and she kept me company through most of the day and since I had hooked up my webcam, we could almost have a one-on-one conversation even though we were separated by thousands of miles.

I finally got my flight back to Colombo and I was surprised to discover that it was only about three hours long – I’d been stuck in Singapore for almost twenty four hours to travel just three hours worth of distance :p Ah well, the wonders of modern travel! I got home in the wee hours of the morning and slept for only about three or four hours before getting up again to travel with my parents to Kurunegala since there was some stuff that I needed to attend to there. Now I’m finally able to sit in front of my computer and attend to other matters but I really don’t want to – I need a long rest and an even longer think as to what the heck I am doing and where I go from here …

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