October 2, 2002

This is an e-mail I received yesterday from somebody – I will not comment on it since the words that came to my mind at first were unprintable :p Draw your own conclusions …

“I have an interest in using blog, but I can’t use damn .exe downloads because I use a Macintosh instead of crappy-ass PCs running Windows (which really blows). Can you at least MAKE something for people who use Mac OS X? Or AT LEAST something running the classic Mac OS. Please. SOMETHING!!!!!!! and make it a zip file or something. I can’t use these .exe downloads. I can’t stand it when people just make software/freeware stuff, and they only make it to where PCs running Windows can use it. Wake up! The ENTIRE WORLD does not RUN on Windows!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are OTHER OSes TOO!!! Especially Mac OS X (Which actually runs on UNIX if you dont know jack about a Mac). That’s probably the biggest non-windows OS out there. Or, the Classic Mac OS. Following in 3rd, is Linux. PLEASE dont limit your audience to JUST windows users!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world is BIGGER than THAT!! (and You deserve to have more people liking you and using your goods than this.) I’m begging you. Don’t limit your a! udience to just the people who use the crappy OS on the shoddy machines. You deserve to do something better than this.”

That’s the whole e-mail and the only thing I can say is that if it were that simple to write apps for Windows *and* Mac, a lot more people would be doing it … but insulting/haranguing developers and their development platform is really not the way to influence people and make friends :p

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