October 9, 2002

One of the data tables in Jen’s installation of Blog corrupted yesterday. I had hoped that the new Repair option in Blog would fix the problem but when Jen tried, it didn’t seem to do anything. So I got her to send me the data files and when I ran Blog at my end, I wouldn’t even get the main screen due to the corrupted data file! So I added code which would detect data file corruption at the time of opening the main screen and fix the corrupted files automatically. Of course, this would work only for files needed by the main screen but since you can access the Repair option once you have the main screen open, you shouldn’t have any problems with repairing all the other files if they do ever become corrupt. I ran the new code through it’s paces and it seems to work fine but we’ll see how it does in the field, so to speak :p

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