October 5, 2002

Thank you one and all for your kindness in wishing me luck on the trip to the US and suggesting possible places I can relocate to 🙂 It always warms my heart to hear from all of you and to know that I have so many good friends around the world even though I have not met any of you! But then again, maybe someday we will meet – because I’ve been hearing about these Blog Meetups (sorry dont’ have a link since I’m at home …) where bloggers can set up locations to meet other bloggers in their area. Sounds like a neat plan and I might actually drop in on a few meet-ups in my area when I get to the US 🙂

I’ve been doing further work on Blog with the kind help of Edward McCain who has been forwarding me bugs as he finds them 🙂 We almost thought we had the “list index out of bounds” error in our grasp because Edward sent me his whole Blog directory (running 7.0 Beta 5) and I could see the error myself. But then I switched to Beta 6 so that I can debug the error and it went off! Weird is no the word for that particular error :p Of course, since then Edward has found two more errors – I fixed one but it was really late by the time I got the second error and so I decided to leave it till another day …

Oh yeah, I got my tickets yesterday and I am supposed to fly out on the 13th, so there’s only about a week more to go before I leave Sri Lanka. So don’t expect too much in the way of coding from me in the week to come … Ohio, here I come, woo hoo 🙂

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