October 10, 2002

Blog 7.0 final is out 🙂 I have done all the fixes that I needed to do, added the last few features and even updated the documentation so that it is fairly up-to-date – though it might still be a bit arcane for a normal user to understand :p I will be here only for the next two days since I will be departing for the US on Saturday night (Saturday morning for the folks in the US …) and I probably will not make anymore journal entries till my journey is complete but I will continue to check e-mail and so do let me know if you have any problems and I will try to provide support as usual. The download link is (as usual) on the sidebar so go on, download and enjoy 🙂

On a different note, my journey will be for about twenty-seven hours and I am supposed to arrive in on the same day I leave here since my flight actually leaves early in the morning of Sunday though I will be leaving home late at night on Saturday. There are certain possible problems/difficulties in this trip and so I hope all of you will keep a good thought for me so that things will work out well 🙂 I will probably start updating the journal again once I’ve reached my destination and like the

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