October 10, 2002

Since the only area in Blog 7.0 that seems to have problems is the digest feature (and since not many people seem to want to use it yet :p), I decided to prepare to release 7.0 final and then tweak the digest feature as we go along. With that aim in mind, I added a few final touches to the current Blog build yesterday. One of these was a feature that I’d discussed before – converting double carriage returns to paragraphs and single carriage returns to line breaks, so that your entry will appear legible as you type and will still appear the same way you typed it when it is published. Of course, I realized that current entries might get broken if I do it this way since there might be people (like me ..) who explicitly used a line break tag to achieve line breaks and relied on a single carriage return to be a paragraph. So in order to maintain backward compatibility, I added in an option which would still do that – if you want Blog to. As an added bonus, I added a sub-option which lets you use two line break tags instead of a paragraph tag … and I changed all internally generated Blog tags to be XHTML compliant – or at least I hope so since I am not completely sure about how far I have to go to be XHTML compliant :p

I probably would have released Blog 7.0 final yesterday except for a few minor things that I’ve forgotten or need to do. The first thing is that I need to update the documentation and it’s still not done – in fact, I might release as it is since I want to get this release done before I leave and I’d feel more comfortable if I was available for tech support for a couple of days following the release to combat any major bugs that might have been missed. Tyran mentioned one of the other things but I forgot to implement it. In Blog 7.0, there is no way to refresh a preview since the preview and comments/category displays toggle back and forward on each press/click on the preview button and if you rely on the preview window, this can be very annoying. So I intend to add a right-click context menu for the preview window which allows you to refresh the view. The last is something I had totally forgotten but was asked for a while back – the ability to edit/delete comments sent via the remote comments system. Now, I still don’t feel letting people edit comments is totally acceptable (but there are exceptions such as when you want to run a family-friendly site and people intentionally/accidentally swear ..) and so am not going to allow an edit feature – instead, I’ll let comments be deleted totally. You might say that encourages censorship too but you also have to let the site owner have control over his/her site too. Darn, when did coding Blog become a moral issue? :p

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