January 26, 2009

Tweets for 2009-01-26

  • All the people who say “I will answer all replies immediately” on Craigslist have no clue how they’re going to get swamped – by spam mostly. #
  • A guy needs somebody to PhotoShop two dates into a document. My first reaction was “dates”? You mean he wants girls in the photo? 🙂 #
  • And then there’s the person who needs a “Winamp expert”. What the heck’s a Winamp expert? It’s just an MP3 player, how complex can it be? 😀 #
  • “Need a simple 5 page starter website for business, complete with text and my company logo…best price quote below %50 wins.” Meant $50? #
  • Sometimes it’s funny how similar writing and coding can be. Writing – I have this great idea for a novel, if you write it we can split >> #
  • << the profits. Coding – I have this great idea for an app, if you code it …. #
  • “4 Corfe Close” – now that’s brilliant 🙂 I didn’t know Britain had such interesting places :p – http://is.gd/gX87 #
  • There’s a word for it: Snarge – bird goo wiped off an aircraft after it hits a bird 🙂 #
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