January 14, 2009

Tweets for 2009-01-14

  • Joy, joy, joy … have three e-mails from a client – mostly about cross-browser CSS issues. I hate cross-browser CSS 🙂 #
  • Back in Windows 7 for the time being … testing out a few other things now that the beta is officially out 🙂 #
  • SpeedFan will not work with Windows 7. Surprise, surprise :p #
  • I don’t care about the glowing reviews for Windows 7 so far, it still sucks for doing anything besides looking pretty 🙂 #
  • Over here, Windows update will not work, trying to get to properties for a Start menu item hangs Explorer, Explorer hangs on a file rename #
  • Ooh, and after an Explorer crash, quick search in Start menu seems to be broken … Yeah, Windows 7 is really stable even in beta 😀 #
  • OK, back to XP SP3 again. Windows 7 is a huge pile of bantha doo-doo right now. Can’t even kill Explorer from Task Manager – great 😀 #
  • Windows 7 also appears to drive the temperature on both the hard disk and CPU higher than does XP … again, not good. #
  • It’s surprising how IM is becoming less and less relevant, at least for me. I used to be on IM all the time 10 years ago. Now I hate it 🙂 #
  • Indian foreign secretary to visit Sri Lanka soon. Is this a precursor to India asking for Prabhakaran to be handed over to them again? #
  • Finished watching “Surface” last night. Now on to “Lost” season 4. It was getting rather annoying with season 3. Will this be better? #
  • Amazon is the worst thing for publishing anything if you’re outside the US. Both CreateSpace and their Kindle site requires a US address 🙁 #
  • Sorry, CreateSpace doesn’t require a US address but doesn’t seem to work well with non-US credit cards. What happened to global village? #
  • ipsnews.net has a “send your comments to the editor” link but their mailbox is full. So what’s the point of having the link? To feel good?:p #
  • Had a discussion today about Microsoft Sri Lanka wanting to see previews of an article I did before publication and my refusal. But the >> #
  • << following memo from Microsoft seems to indicate that a lot more than that goes on as standard practice at times: http://is.gd/fQ17 #