January 15, 2009

Tweets for 2009-01-15

  • Why is it that support people take a week to say “We can’t help you?” or tell you that technical is taking a look and then say “can’t help”? #
  • Google Analytics and WSO, both services from Google but they don’t always work well together? How retarded is that? 😀 #
  • Aargh, so many different e-book formats (and probably more coming in) … is this going to be the news VSH vs. Beta (or HDVD vs. Blu-ray)? #
  • I really, really hate tech support guys who are tennis players – they always lob the ball back to you 🙂 #
  • I’ve not yet tried VirtualBox as a virtualization solution. Giving it a shot now since I’ve heard about it several times in the past month. #
  • Love the graphics on the VirtualBox start tab 🙂 So vibrant and clean somehow … Yes, I know it’s a small thing but I enjoy small things 🙂 #
  • So far, VirtualBox is working admirably well. Took my existing VMWare Ubunut installation and works with it fine. Given that VirtualBox >> #
  • << is less than 40MB and VMWare is 500MB as a download, I think the choice is fairly clear 🙂 #
  • And VirtualBox has an equivalent to VMWare’s Unity feature – Seamless Mode. I’m sold. I’m uninstalling VMWare right now 🙂 #
  • Removed my dual-boot install of Windows7 since it never worked well anyway … Going back to trying a VM install to see if that’ll work betr #
  • Windows7 is much, much slower to boot up under VirtualBox but not sure how it compares to VMWare, been a while since I tried with VMWare. #