January 5, 2009

Tweets for 2009-01-05

  • Legit Twitter accounts seem to have been compromised by the phishing scam because I’m getting phishing DMs from accounts that look legit … #
  • Might be time to do another firmware update on my phone but this time, go for a custom ROM which frees up lots of RAM … #
  • Lots of installs and upgrades today. Trying to install Ubuntu 8.10 since I got tired of upgrading from 7.04; Delphi 2009; and phone firmware #
  • Aaargh! The Ubuntu 8.10 image which took me a day to download at terrible speeds is damaged. Have to re-download now … Aaargh x 2 #
  • OK, the Ubuntu ISO download problem might have been solved 🙂 Downloaded Shareaza, gave it the Ubuntu torrent but stopped immediately, >> #
  • << then copied over the old damaged file over the Shareaza partial download and told it to re-verify. It says 99.91% is fine and is now >> #
  • << downloading the missing bits. Hopefully, this’ll work and I’ll have a working image … #
  • Yes!!! Shareaza for teh win! It only downloaded less than 1MB of the invalid ISO and now Ubuntu 8.10 installs fine 🙂 #
  • OK, Delphi 2009 installed. Have to wait for Delphi Prism to finish downloading so that I can test it out … so far, so good 🙂 #
  • Finished Jim C. Hines’ “Spell of the Sparrow” – enjoyable short story. Wish there were more James and Alycia short stories… Are there? #
  • “Tropic Thunder” was really annoying and boring at the beginning but the ending was shrieking hilarious 🙂 And Tom Cruise in the movie? Wha? #
  • “Merlin and the War of the Dragons” had so many parallels to the new “Star Wars” trilogy that it isn’t even funny 🙂 In fact, it made me >> #
  • << realize that the Arthurian legend also has parllels to the original “Star Wars” trilogy … #
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