January 28, 2009

Tweets for 2009-01-28

  • Ad: “we are looking for someone to work in trade – gift certificates.” [If the grocer took gift certificates, I’m in :D] #
  • Ad: “We need someone to design, manage and promote a website. We are willing to pay based on hits and commission for income generated >> #
  • << from the site.” [Translation: you do all the work and we’ll give you a share of the profit] #
  • I wish people understood the difference between “web designer” and “web developer” – it would save so much confusion in applying for jobs 🙂 #
  • Ad: “This is a non paying gig, but would look great on your resume.” [If I had a line for each of those jobs, my resume would be 100 pages!] #
  • Just got a callback from a Dialog TV supervisor. Much more helpful in that they say they’ll at least look into it. The CSR on the other >> #
  • << hand was adamant that they won’t pro-rate and that a supervisor would tell me the same thing! #
  • Ad: “We are willing to give between 15-25% of our company to the right developer” [And 15-25% of zero is worth what?] #
  • Dialog seems to believe nobody wants to permanently disconnect their service. At least, that’s the impression I got from the latest call 🙂 #
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