January 2, 2009

Tweets for 2009-01-02

  • Back to XP. Windows 7 has lots of nifty new features but overall it’s just not ready as an OS – doesn’t play nice with enough apps #
  • Personally, I think UAC causes most of these issues. And till 90% of the apps out there are written for Vista or Windows 7, it won’t work #
  • Back to trying to get Linux to work properly undr VMWare so that I can get stuff done 🙂 No more Windows 7 at least for a while … #
  • Linux Mint wouldn’t play well with VMWare some of the time and I wasn’t in the mood to troubleshoot. Testing to see if Ubuntu does better #
  • Why is it that the folks at Norton still have not resolved the issue where they report certain installers as viruses? #
  • Gaaaah! Network speeds seem to fluctuate between slow and super-slow today! Can’t get Ubuntu upgraded at all … #
  • Today’s word of the day from wordsmith.org is: shilly-shally – Hesitantly; irresolutely. Similar to dily-dally. #
  • Watching “High Scholl Musical” – one of our nieces is a big fan of the movie series 😀 I feel as if I already know Troy, Gabriela etc. 🙂 #
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