January 10, 2009

Tweets for 2009-01-10

  • Wanted to do some ROM cooking for the Omnia today. But looks as if that’ll have to wait since I’ve got some Joomla work for a client … #
  • When it comes to CSS issues, FireBug is your friend in such a big way – now I keep looking for similar solutions under other browsers 🙂 #
  • OK, client work completed. Now perhaps some time to play with cooking a new Omnia ROM … I really want a clean ROM with lots of free space #
  • OK, the ROM has been customized. Now to see how to add new applications to be installed as default with the ROM … #
  • OK, my first custom ROM cooked with registrty customizations, custom apps, the works 🙂 Now to see if it actually works by flashing it … #
  • Woo hoo! Phone booted up and my customizations appear to have taken place. Now of course, I have to re-install some of my other apps … #
  • Ming in the “Flash Gordon” TV series is such a one-trick pony and his daughter Aura is so bipolar – first she’s for him, then against etc. #
  • Finally finished “Flash Gordon”, which was really beginning to drag, with Ming’s rages and posturing, and now we’re back to “Dexter” … #