November 21, 2003

Nope, I’m not dead :p And I have not given up on Blog coding again for months on end either :p But things have been really hectic at work for the last week or so due to having to work on the launch for a new project and so I haven’t had much time to work on things. The launch was held last night and so it’s finally over and I hopefully will be getting back to Blog soon :p

So what’s been happening since the last release? I think I’ve fixed most of the bugs reported except for one major problem – Tyran reported that the data conversion process seems to mess things up for him since it’s put paragraph tags inside other tags as well. This is probably due to the fact that the relevant entry had a new line (carriage return, hard break whatever you want to call it :p) within a tag and since the conversion process simply replaces all new line characters with a paragraph marker, it can lead to some confusing code. I can try to go back and fix this problem but those who changed their production data over to use Blog 8.0 beta 2 are going to be in the soup since there is no way for me to reliably set the data back to what it was and *then* do the new conversion for the next release. So it will have to actually assume that you hadn’t done anything to your data and then go on from there – nasty … And I still am trying to find a way around this at the moment …

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