November 6, 2003

Yesterday in my hurry to release Blog (I’d just gotten back to coding on Blog and I didn’t want to lose the momentum :p), I overlooked a major problem with Blog 8.0 beta/alpha – the fact that old entries do not display in the normal view but will still show up in HTML view. This is basically because the HTMLEdit component that I’m using seems to expect some sort of an HTML tag at the beginning of the text – if it’s plain text, it’s not displayed .. but if I put even a simple <br> tag at the very beginning, the text will display just fine. I’ve already done a 8.0b11 release which fixes this by going through all existing entries and adds a paragraph tag around the text if there is one paragraph or divide text into multiple paragraphs by linebreaks if there are multiple paragraphs. However, don’t go rushing off to download since I haven’t put it up yet.

Why not? Because I remembered that I also had not test image functionality fully. I don’t know how the image links are given when an entry with images is published since I did the code quite a while back and can’t remember if it works fine or not. I’ll probably fix that as well as some toolbar related bugs that Tyran mentioned before I do the 8.0b11 release. And I just discovered that hyperlink properties do not show up when you right-click a hyperlink in the normal view and select the Properties … option from the menu – another thing to fix :p I actually want to get to the database restructuring for the merging of Blog and BlogMan quickly since that’s the biggest bit of internal rewriting and will probably not do another beta after the 8.0b11 release till I get that sorted out … stay tuned to this space :p

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