November 12, 2003

The new toolbar stuff is done and it seems to be working fine – at least at this end :p In fact, I’m writing this entry on the latest build with the new toolbars. Let’s see how it works on all the other machines out there and maybe we can finally put the whole toolbar customization issue behind us once and for all :p I would have released a new build with all the fixes that I’ve been putting in today except for one tiny problem – I discovered that the preview option is now broken :p So I will try to release a build as soon as I get that fixed … not that preview is so much of an issue with the WYSIWYG view but hey, if it’s there, it should work right? (Of course, that does bring up the question of whether we actually need the preview – but the preview is based on the IE engine whereas the WYSIWYG view is based on it’s own custom HTML parsing … so it might be good to have two different options …)

Incidentally, this brings up the comment that some people might not be exactly aware of what the new WYSIWYG editing option is supposed to be (of course, they’d know if they actually tried out the beta instead of typing first – which is what I think they did … :p) I received a comment from somebody calling themselves "A Blog Fan" (which actually irritates me – if you have something to say, why not let me know who you are? It seems as if you are not sure of your own comments and so want to remain anonymous …) who said that Blog didn’t need to have HTML editing facilities when there were so many other programs out there to do that. Umm … I don’t want to write another HTML editor either :p The whole WYSIWYG editing option is to allow people to see their entries the way they would appear when published instead of having lots of text and tags which don’t make much sense visually. This way, if you have bold text, they will appear bold in the Blog editing window instead of appearing as <b>bold</b> – it just looks better and gives you a more user friendly experience. If you say that you can do that with an existing editor and then load the entry into Blog, why would I want to use two different programs to do something when I can do it all with one? In fact, that’s the very reason Blog was written in the first place – so that you don’t have to use an HTML editor, an FTP client and what not …

Anyway, the coding’s going good (except for not having enough time to do it in ..) and hopefully I should have a new build out today or tomorrow which fixes a whole bunch of problems with the last one (it probably introduces a whole set of new problems too but that’s the nature of betas :p)

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