November 10, 2003

What with all the complaints I receive about the toolbar customization related errors in Blog, I decided to replace the extremely buggy Delphi ActionBand based toolbars in Blog with something else for the next release. The problem? Finding a replacement which offers all the features of the current components and is easy to use as well. The features I’m looking for which are (kind of) out of the norm is XP style support and the ability to customize the toolbar. I found the first bit was doable with a combination of Toolbar2K and TBX. However, I can’t find a *perfect* customizable solution. There are add-ons for TBX which allow you to do toolbar customizations but they: a) allow customizing only one toolbar b) work only with static toolbar items – not items that are created on the fly as I do with the HTML code snippet feature. So, I’m basically stuck at the moment since I can’t find a good replacement toolbar component (which also has to support the menu system since that too is currently done with ActionBars and has the nifty XP style :p) and so might have to simply live with it till somebody comes up with a total solution. Or, I can simply drop the customization ability and go with Toolbar2K. I really don’t know which way to go at the moment …

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