November 11, 2003

I’m still on the toolbars :p Yes, not many people actually complain about the toolbars or toolbar related problems … but then again, that might be because not many customize the toolbars that much or that often. They might customize it to suit their liking and then they probably leave it alone … like me :p But there are a few users who seem to have problems with the toolbars consistently and I don’t feel right about saying that it’s only a couple of users and forgetting about the problem. I also don’t feel right about removing existing features that others depend on just because another feature that most don’t use isn’t working right. So, in order to settle the toolbar question once and for all, I decided to switch to Toolbar2K and TBX *and* find a way to maintain the toolbar customizations as well. In order to do this, I will have to write quite a bit of new code and this will probably take a couple of days but at the end of that time, I hope to be able to provide the ability to be able to customize your toolbars under the new system. But a few caveats exist as well – you will only be able to customize the Custom Snippet toolbar (which will appear only when you are in HTML view) and only custom snippet items will be available for adding to the toolbar. This might prove to be an annoyance to people who might have added other buttons to the toolbar originally (and it is possible that I might reintroduce the feature later on …) but this seems to be the best way to retain an existing feature and yet not break things more 🙂

One good thing coming out of this is the fact that toolbar customization saving is now under the control of my code (as opposed to the earlier method where it was controlled by Delphi code …) and so there is less likelihood of you losing all your changes on an upgrade due to you having to delete the Blog.cfg file. Of course, none of this is a sure thing since I have not completed the code nor had a chance to test it out but hopefully it should all go fine 🙂

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