November 13, 2003

As some of the more sharp-eyed amongst you have already discovered, the next Blog 8.0 beta is out – in fact, I think I’ve had it linked on the sidebar since yesterday :p This build should hopefully get all the 7.x users who converted their existing data over in earnest up to speed with 8.0 since I’m using the 8.0 builds now to do my daily entries. However, as I’ve discovered several times before, I seem to be pretty limited in what I use (for instance, hardly any linked images at all …) and so there probably are still a lot of bugs lurking around that need to be fixed. So let me know of any bugs you find 🙂

Speaking of bugs, there are a couple of caveats for this new build but they are basically things which are beyond my control 🙁 The first is the fact that you can create a link off an image in the WYSIWYG view, but you can’t edit the properties by right-clicking and selecting the menu option even though the option is there. Now this is not totally beyond my control to fix but the HTMLEdit component currently doesn’t have a straightforward way to do this and so I’ll have to take a somewhat roundabout route. Fabian has promised to fix this in his next release and so I’m waiting till then instead of coding the thing twice :p The other problem is totally beyond my control – I have enabled the "Insert Table" toolbar button for this release and you can create tables in WYSIWYG view but the HTMLEdit control’s table support is somewhat limited in this release (again Fabian is working on it) and so things like percentage values for widths (I think …) tend to lockup Blog if you enter them even in the HTML view and then switch back to WYSIWYG view …

Oh yes, there is one more problem that I know of – in WYSIWYG view, if you save your current entry, the cursor moves to the beginning of the entry … very annoying :p I have mentioned this to Fabian and he tells me that he’ll fix this too … But that’s about it as far as bugs go (that I know of …) enjoy the build but don’t forget to backup before you upgrade since this is still very early beta code and you never know what’ll happen – so have backups every step of the way from 7.x if you are going to be the adventurous type and try out the betas :p

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