November 7, 2003

I’ve been working on the Blog 8.0 alpha/beta :p As I mentioned yesterday, I did manage to get the existing data conversion routines working fine – in fact, I’m writing this entry on a later build and the older entries all display fine on the WYSIWYG view. Yesterday I discovered that the hyperlink insertion does not work and so decided to fix it and then discovered that both hyperlinking and image insertion was broken because the code was still there for the WPTools component instead of the HTMLEdit component :p If you recall, I did get permission from Julian Ziersch (who codes WPTools) to use it in Blog for the WYSIWYG editor component. However, I discovered that WPTools wasn’t totally suited for the job and that I would have to do a lot of custom coding to get the functionality that I needed. That was when HTMLEdit came along and Fabian Ottjes who codes it has been stellar in his support. Not only did he give me access to the as yet in beta HTMLEdit 3.0 component, he also releases a bug fix almost as soon as I report it to him 🙂

But I digress … I found that hyperlinks and image insertion does not work and so decided to fix it. The hyperlink insertion was easy enough and I was able to get the image insertion working too. That was when I realized that you also had to be able to create a link for an image. This too proved to be no problem but I ran into problems when I had to implement editing of the link properties for an image. However, an e-mail to Fabian and a quick response from him told me which way I should proceed. So that bit’s in place as well. What next?

Well, I still need to look at all the toolbar stuff. Fabian pointed out that I could do a lot more using freeware components as far as the toolbars went and this is true. The only reason I haven’t done so is because I still begrudge every extra KB that is added to my apps – yes, you can call me old fashioned in this broadband age but I’m still on dial-up and I’d hate to have to make a download any bigger than absolutely necessary :p But I might actually go ahead and do something with the toolbars after all if I think it adds enough value and is not too great a strain as far as download size goes. Of course, there is also the fact that the toolbars currently beahve weirdly – certain buttons get disabled and I have discovered a strange drop down on the formatting menu that seems to be for custom snippets. Guess I need to look into all this …

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