March 8, 2006

Hooked on the tube

Laurie and I have been watching a lot of TV recently – on DVD :p In addition to "Lost" which I mentioned before, we’re also watching "Mind Your Language" (the first two seasons I believe – I thought there were only two seasons but have just learnt that there was a third), "The X-Files" (we’ve got seasons 1-5 at the moment) and "The 4400". In fact, we just finished watching the second season of "The 4400" just yesterday and I still have the show running through my mind 🙂 In a sense, the show has elements of other shows which preceded it. You get glimpses of "Taken" (of course that might just be because Joel Gretsch was in both shows :p) and "The X-Files" and sometimes the storylines seem way too familiar.

And yet, "The 4400" has an air of optimism, of hope running through it that "The X-Files" lacked. If you watch "The X-Files" again from the beginning (which we are in the process of doing at the moment :p) you will note that the second and third seasons were different from the first season. The show became much more darker and almost moved into the horror territory from second season onwards. There’s a lot of blood and gore around and a lot of people end up killing themselves. "The 4400" on the other hand, is much more cheerful and hopeful. When "The X-Files" influence makes you think that a tragic event is about to take place, the show somehow finds a happier and lighter resolution. In most respects, I like "The 4400" much better. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop watching the rest of "The X-Files" (and even buy the rest of the seasons on DVD) … but I’m also waiting for the unfolding of "The 4400" in the coming seasons 🙂

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