March 1, 2006

Time to write again …

I’ve gone through all three of my currently active software projects and done releases for all of them, I’ve also got a software project on back burner which I won’t be able to totally test till Office 2007 comes out :p (No, it’s not Office 2007 specific but it’s a Word add-in and I might as well make sure that it works with the latest release of Office since it’s just around the corner – at least the public beta … or so they say :p)

Be that as may be, I think I’ve done enough coding for a while. Now it’s time to get back to the writing. The problem, as always, is lethargy. I seem to need to build momentum to get going on any project. I procrastinated on the next release of Blog for the longest time because I just couldn’t build up the enthusiasm to get started on coding again. Once I got going, I couldn’t stop :p Now that I’m in full-blown coding mode, I find myself unable to put aside coding and go back to writing. But I must. Otherwise, the writing will just atrophy till I get back into it months from now and I don’t want that to happen.

The issue is always getting started. Once things get going – it’s all downhill from that point on. I know what I want to write next. I have a story (or at least a world) in my head. This one is rather a vibrant world as well – I keep getting images about the world, the society that I want to write about. But I keep putting it off, thinking that I should wait for word on the last short story that I submitted or that I should try to get some more submissions going or something. If I would actually do something writing related – even as simple as submitting stuff to agents or publishers – I think it would be fine. It’s this sitting around and waiting that I just can’t abide …

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