March 10, 2006

Things to do and places to be

Today is my off day but unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if I will have much time to rest or relax :p There’s quite a few things that I need to get done and we also have to go out today. First, there is the server that I’m setting up for a friend. That’s kind of set up with Apache, PHP and mySQL but I want to do some changes to the SMTP and POP daemons and I still haven’t got around to doing that.

Then there are some site changes that I’m contemplating 🙂 Yesterday I realized that my writing page needed more stuff in there. I only had a few lines on the books I’m working on at the moment but nothing about all the stuff that I’ve published so far. So I started work on modifying the page and adding a lot more information but that’s going rather slowly 🙂 I’ve managed to set up separate pages for my fiction and non-fiction, to put up a few samples of fiction I’ve published so far and that was about it. I still need to complete the non-fiction page but that’s a pretty large task by itself since I have had around five or six regular columns at one time or another – not to mention all the other miscellaneous articles that I’d done. So the non-fiction page is going to need some work 🙂

Then there is the fact that my niece and nephew are leaving today. We’ll have to take them over the airport, see them off and so on. Since it’s an hours trip to the airport and an hour back, that’s probably going to take care of the whole afternoon. And that’s my whole day gone for today and I start work tomorrow again. Ah, to have a five day week instead of a six day one! I long for the days when I used to work only five days a week :p

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