March 20, 2006

Investigations of CSI

We love CSI and CSI: Miami 🙂 In fact, we are so addicted that we bought whatever we could find of both series on DVD and watched it all day after day – notwithstanding all the blood, gore and spilled guts :p We were all caught up on the regular series up to season five but were missing season three of CSI: Miami. So imagine our joy when we found both season three of Miami and season one of CSI: New York on DVD recently :p

We decided to give CSI: New York a spin first since we like Gary Sinise (at least I do :p) and also probably because Laurie doesn’t like David Caruso that much :p Besides, it was a new show and we thought it might take a different direction. Take a different direction it did but so far, not in an enjoyable way.

For starters, the show has a really dark look. It’s probably supposed to reflect the grim and gritty reality of New York life and the lighting in the show is supposed to reflect the mood. It just doesn’t work for me, that’s all. True, I’ve never been in New York and so can’t say if this reflects the mood of the city or not. It’s just that as a show it kind of comes of gloomy and there just doesn’t seem to be as much of a sense of people as there was with the other two CSI shows.

On top of that, the stories seem awful. Sure, we’ve only seen about four or five episodes and I sure hope that the stories pick up later on. But so far, it looks as if they took the rejected ideas from the other two shows, the third-stringers who would have had to sit out the whole game, and put them into CSI: New York. I haven’t seen one story which was as absorbing as the stories on the other shows. Or maybe I’m just coming to New York on a bad day … :p

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