February 26, 2003

I’m considering releasing Blog 7.1 today – not sure if I’ll be able to since I just remembered a couple of old bugs which are supposed to be squashed but I’m not sure if I really tested :p So I’ll do the testing and then if it still works as it should, expect a release sometime today – unless I get really busy. Incidentally, while going through my e-mail collection of old bug reports and feature requests for Blog, I notice that there were several requests for smileys – I mean the ability to insert a customized smiley face instead of using text emoticons. This should be fairly simple with Blog without providing any additional functionality – especially now that I seem to have got custom snippets working without any problems <g> All you need to do is upload the smiley icons to your server and then create a set of smiley snippets on your installation of Blog which basically uses the IMG tag to specify the location for each particular smiley. Then you can add these extra snippet buttons to your toolbar (wait till 7.1 is released though since toolbar customizations seems to be the reason for the Blog slowdown) and simply click on the button when you need a particular smiley. You can even add that smiley icon to the button using the custom icon feature in the custom snippet definition dialog but the only thing to remember is that while the smiley you upload to the server has to be GIF, JPG or PNG, the image you use for your buttons will have to be an icon (ICO) file – so you will need two versions of the smiley. Hmm .. I might actually try this out myself :p

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