February 10, 2003

The weekend to say the least, was unproductive 🙁 I had a really bad headache which prevented me from doing any coding at all though I’d been planning to get quite a bit of work done – ah well … that’s always the way it goes :p But then again, of late I seem to have a lot of things that never get done though I talk of doing them – there is the new layout for this site which never got put up, there is the installation of B2 which I still haven’t done, there is the final release of BlogMan which is still in the works and now there is the 7.x release of Blog which is also still in the works :p There just seems to be so much to do and just not enough time to do it in – but eventually I’ll get around to doing it all … eventually :p The 7.x release of Blog is really going to need quite a bit of work since there are so many minor but irritating bugs that have crept in along the way – the latest of course (as I mentioned a few days ago) is the changing of the encoding scheme for the e-mail passwords – I’m not so worried about the new encoding scheme as making sure that the changeover goes smoothly for existing users. I think I have the method figured out but I will know for sure when I put the code into testing. I think I should be ready for beta testing on Blog 7.x in a couple of weeks but you never know … especially not with the kind of schedule I’ve got going at the moment :p

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