February 3, 2003

I was shocked yesterday to hear on the news that the space shuttle Columbia had blown up. I still remember the Challenger disaster so many years ago … I can’t imagine how the families of the astronauts must feel – they were brave people indeed to challenge the unknown of space and I guess all we can do is to remember them for who they were. Gary, who is a long time Blog user, wrote to me today and told me that he’s put up a Columbia memorial jpg over at his blog. He’s placed it in the public domain for free use by others and so anybody who wants to pay tribute to these brave people who gave their lives in the attempt to conquer space and advance our knowledge, can get a copy from Gary’s site and display it on their own.

I wanted to write about some other stuff today but it just does not feel right to do so at this moment. So I will leave this entry at this point and maybe write about what I wanted to write over at SM or tomorrow in a different entry.

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