February 20, 2003

I’ve downloaded and installed Cache. I like the fact that it comes with a lot of management and configuration tools which aren’t cryptic like some other DBMSes I can think of (though they have improved in recent years – I guess I shouldn’t hold grudges for what they were like in 1992 :p) and there is a whole bunch of documentation which isn’t as dry as dust but tries to be colourful and interesting. I like the fact that Cache integrates with IIS and provides what’s called CSP (Cache Server Pages) so that you can use Cache (and it’s scripting system) to build web pages which are data aware. I haven’t played with any of these features extensively to comment on any of them – I especially haven’t done any direct DBMS coding with Cache and maybe I should do that before I go opening my big mouth about it but I wanted to note down my first impressions here since I have no idea when I’d get around to doing something in-depth with it.

I did look around a bit (again not too much since I didn’t have the time …) to see how I could work with Cache with Delphi. Most resources I ran across seemed to talk of either using ADO or ODBC and that really isn’t the route I wanted to take. I was hoping that I could access Cache objects directly from inside Delphi and do some database manipulation. Maybe it’s possible – again, I haven’t looked deep enough (or hard enough) to comment on it one way or another. The first thought that came to me when I wanted to test Cache was that maybe I should try to do some sort of web-based blog using Cache as the backend and Delphi 7 and it’s web components as the frontend – guess I’m too hung up on blogging tools :p Of course, I now realize that that wouldn’t work but still a thought …

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