February 18, 2003

I went through the CSV reader component code and realized that both an embedded carriage return and an embedded quote in the same string could cause problems with my new code if the carriage return appeared after the embedded quote due to the way I’d coded things. So I added some more code to get around that situation as well and then ran a test on a file which had embedded quotes, embedded carriage returns and a mixture of the two in the same string and it all seemed to work fine – seemed being the operative word :p I’m about ready to send the final binary over to the client and hope that I’m done with it …

Work has been extremely hectic for some reason or other though I can’t for the life of me think of anything concrete that I’ve been accomplishing <g> We got hit again by Sapphire at work yesterday though since some idiot in another department forgot to patch his installation of MSDE even after we’d warned them of it after the last Sapphire attack. They were supposed to call me and find out about all the necessary patches but nobody called me – I hope they patched it fully since if they haven’t, it’s going to disrupt the network again soon and if you have the .NET Framework SDK installed, the regular MSDE patch alone isn’t supposed to be enough. Oh well, guess we’ll know sooner or later :p

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