February 22, 2003

While I’ve contemplated the switch to Delphi 7.0 before and have decided not to due to the inordinately long compile times (as compared to Delphi 6.0) and the (slightly) bigger final executable size, I’ve had to change my stance suddenly :p Yesterday, I needed to import some type libraries into Delphi so that I could work with some ActiveX controls (this was Cache related incidentally) and got an Access Violation. I tried with several different ActiveX controls but was met with AV’s each time and then I tried in Delphi 7.0 and it worked just fine. I guess I could have uninstalled Delphi 6.0, reinstalled it, reapplied the service packs and patches and then checked to see if I could import ActiveX controls now but I decided to skip all that :p

I considered all the components that I currently used for my apps and realized that I had Delphi 7.0 releases for most of them. I also considered the fact that Delphi 7.0 has a lot of support for web development via web forms and that I could probably get around to doing some server-based apps (like a blogging tool :p) if I worked with it. By this time, I was ready to switch over :p I had been working with only Delphi 6.0 at home whereas I had both 6.0 and 7.0 at work. It was too late to do anything at work by that time since it was time to go home but I started on the task of installing Delphi 7.0 as soon as I got home. I had to do a little searching through a multitude of CD’s to find all the components (maybe I should write a simple CD cataloging program while I’m at it? :p) but now I think I’m set – or at least enough so that I can work with most of my apps though not all. Let’s see how it goes …

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