February 11, 2003

Work’s been getting extremely hectic of late and I seem to find myself with more and more things to do in the evenings – looks as if programming is going to be sort of on a low simmer for a while 🙁 I’ve been working with both Blog and BlogMan on and off and fixing little bits of code here and there – fixing bugs that are common to both. I even managed to install B2 yesterday though I still haven’t given it a whirl. I then will have to figure out how to get titles working via the BlogAPI for BlogMan using B2 – it should be fairly simple since the B2 documentation already tells you what to do :p

In the meantime, I added a new splitter to the Blog and BlogMan UI since I have moved the category display to the right of the entry text box and moved comments and preview to different tabs. Since there are probably people who don’t use categories, or hate the screen space the category display takes away from the entry box, I added a splitter which will hide the category panel when you click on it and then display the category panel when you click on it again. If you don’t understand what I mean, then you’ll find out when you see the next release 🙂 I am still not 100% happy with the new UI but it does look fairly OK …

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