February 8, 2003

Yesterday was kind of interesting but fairly hectic since I kept on getting hit from all sides with different stuff. I had the work related stuff to deal with (boring stuff – writing and producing television programs) as well as bug reports regarding Blog and the CSV reader component that I’d done – in the midst of that all, I was trying to get some work done on the new ASP/MSDE project I was working on and also trying to get a web based app for managing MSDE databases that I’d got from SourceForge. So all in all, a very muddled time was had by me :p

Actually, it turned out that the problems with the CSV reader component was a data problem – they had a CSV file where one record got split into two or more lines (don’t ask me how) and so obviously the reader component complained that there wasn’t a proper record with the correct number of columns to be read. As far as I know, a CSV record has to be on one single line and this was the proper behaviour for the component. I don’t know what the client will want though after they figure out what caused the problem in their input files. Maybe they’ll find that they have a memo field which has carriage returns or something and want me to work around that …

Carriage returns played a role in the Blog bug too :p I had a Blog user who couldn’t get Blog to remember his e-mail passwords for Server mode. We thought at first that it might be because he had a fairly long password. So I tried with a 16 character password at my end and that worked fine. So I sent him the latest build of Blog and even that didn’t seem to work. He finally sent me his Blog.ini file and I noticed that his password was going on to the next line and the only way that could happen was if the encryption scheme was generating a carriage return. So I asked him for his password and he let me know and I tried it out and sure enough, it generated a carriage return 🙁 This basically means that my current encoding scheme is no good since there is the possibility that this problem will occur again under the right conditions. So I’m going to have to change the encryption scheme for the next release. Ah well …

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