April 29, 2003

Blog 7.11 is in the works – the main defects to be fixed were external Blog tags not being parsed for the archive table of contents and cut and paste via keyboard shortcuts behaving weirdly due to the fact that I had bound CTRL+C and CTRL+V to the entry component and so it was overriding the general cut and paste functionality. I fixed all that and as a good measure threw in a feature that a user requested – the ability to define the maximum number of posts on the main page up to a maximum of 9999 instead of the current value of a maximum of 99. Now I’d never thought of having more than 10-20 posts on the main page due to the load time problems but if you do only one or two lines of entries per day, I guess 99 entries might not be that big. Anyway, if somebody wants it and it doesn’t create a problem for the other users, then my policy is to add the feature in 🙂

I was about ready to do a release when I decided to hold the release till I can figure out whether adding support for the MS Media Player 9.0 blogging add-in was going to be too hard. However, I never got around to checking into that completely since I got side-tracked by another issue – that of adding support for other language fonts, those using unicode. I’d done bits and pieces of stuff to add other language support at different times but never had somebody to test it out and let me know if it all worked when it was implemented since the person who had requested the feature was long gone by then. This time I had Daijoubu, who was willing to help me with getting Japanese font support working with Blog. I thought it might be fairly simple, switched the PlusMemo component to a unicode one and sent off a new build to Daijoubu. While that build was fine for making entries, they still weren’t being saved as unicode and I realized that all the internal string manipulation functions were ANSI and that they would have to be changed to unicode as well before true unicode support was possible.

Since this seems like a fairly big job, I am kind of inclined to go with an interim 7.11 build and then go for 8.0 for the unicode support or to do a 7.5 build which would have the WYSIWYG entry box and unicode support before going onto the full 8.0 release. I don’t know which route I’ll take but I am certainly back to coding Blog – at least in a hesitant kind of way :p

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