April 1, 2003

There have been no responses at all to Geek for Hire – no that’s not true there was *one* response but that’s a strange story in itself :p Or maybe it’s not such a strange story but pointless action always mystifies me. Anyway, the way the consultancy page at Geek for Hire is set up, is as three steps – OK, actually two but it sounds better to say it’s a three step process <g> The first step is to pay the consultation fee via PayPal and then the next step is to send in the consultation information. However, since the process is forms based and I didn’t want to actually do a lot of coding to ensure that the first step had been followed before allowing the second step, you can skip the first step and go straight to the second step and that’s what the person who sent me the single consultation seems to have done <g> I got a query about doing some WSH-base scripting and I replied to the person and told him that I’d be happy to do so as soon as he paid the consultation fee but never heard from him again. I guess maybe he thought that he’d see if I’d respond or something, or maybe he had nothing better to do at the moment … just seemed a pointless thing to do to me that’s all …

In the mean time, I decided to get back to Blog re-coding yesterday. So I wanted to first come up with the new database design for the unified Blog/BlogMan architecture :p Of course, this led to me thinking that it was about time that I documented all the database structures and did a visual design and that got me looking into visual database design tools and the rest of the day passed by in me looking at various tools and downloading the ones I thought might actually be useful 🙂 I found three that looked to be good – VisualCASE (I forget the URL), DeZign and QDesigner from Quest.

I didn’t like VisualCASE since it was Java based (I find Java based tools slow to run and hate having to have the JRE installed for them to work – just a quirk on my part so don’t go telling me all about how great Java is since I do know … I code in Java :p) and I did download the trial of DeZign and got it to work but didn’t really like the way it let you do a visual design – such as how it defines relationships between tables. QDesigner still hadn’t completed downloading when I left work (it was 70+ MB and we have a very slow connection during the daytime since everybody is on …) and so I’m hoping to try it out today. Maybe that will be the tool that I’m looking for. If not, anybody got any other suggestions? Incidentally, I’m trying to visually represent the existing Blog data structures before I do a redesign – don’t know if I mentioned that or not.

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