April 2, 2003

Well, QDesigner was almost exactly what I was looking for as far as a visual database designer went and I was able to diagram the Blog data structures successfully using it. However, before I could begin work on designing the database structures for the new version of Blog, I got landed with a new job at work – or rather, an old job that needed to be done again :p I’d done this internal system for managing the archival footage used by our company (which is a television production firm) which used Visual Studio .NET for the frontend and Oracle 9i for the backend. I’d done the system close to a year ago but they hadn’t been using it much but suddenly they wanted to use it again. However, in the meantime my machine had been raided for hardware and one of my hard disk’s removed – the one which contained the Oracle database that I used for development work :p

The production Oracle server is supposedly there but that had gone through several formats and OS reinstalls and so the Oracle database is supposed to be on backup. But for the moment, there is no production instance nor my original development database available. However, I’d done database structure exports a while back and so I decided to set up Oracle on my machine again and while I’m at it, re-develop the system using Delphi since I’d been having problems with Visual Studio .NET. I hate having to deploy anything with Visual Studio .NET because it seems to involve such a lot of effort and sometimes things seem to work for no apparent reason. For instance, I would have a connection to the Oracle database from inside the Visual Studio .NET environment but when I deployed the application, I’d find that there was no database connection! I’m tired of trying to debug this kind of problem and so think Delphi is the better way to go. Plus, Delphi now offers some really nifty web frontend development tools and I want to get to grips with those. So it looks as if I’m going to be busy with that for the next few days …

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