April 3, 2003

I’d had some troubles connecting to an Oracle 9i database from Delphi the last time I tried to do some coding for the company using Delphi and Oracle but this time I first looked over at torry.net and discovered several freeware components that connected directly with Oracle databases and one of them was updated to include Oracle 9i access – some of the others might have worked as well but I went with the first one that worked and was really comprehensive and had the source included :p Anyway, the database access part has been as smooth as can be but I decided to make things more interesting by going with the DeveloperExpress ExpressWebFramework for doing the actual GUI <g>

While the ExpressWebFramework looks great, there really isn’t much documentation for it except for the help files and some FAQ’s on their site and the included demos. So I’m kind of struggling with how to do certain things and with some of the errors as well but I seem to be making progress as well. I’ve got the login screen done and have the main interface kind of in place too but then hit another one of those undocumented/unidentified errors. The problem is aggravated by the fact that I use Opera as my browser and it seems to have this weird caching system where it displays a page it fetched before even when that page has changed. It’s been irritating me a lot since I’d be faced with an error message when the page is actually working and Opera was actually displaying an older page and sometimes I’d be looking for the error for a while before I remembered to refresh the page in Opera. Ah well, I’ll get there eventually … Actually, once I sort out this one particular problem in the main interface, I should be almost there since the rest will be just designing different pages to display or edit the data but you never know :p

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