April 13, 2003

Of net outages, holidays and life

We had no Net access for almost the whole day yesterday. From what I can discover based on application logs at work, I think the outage occurred during the early hours of the morning and the first time I knew that we were back online was around 9 o’clock at night. I still have no idea what happened but such a long outage usually means problems with the trans-Atlantic cable but then again, since were are on a long holiday weekend, it might be just that they had nobody to look into the problem yesterday.

Of course, that’s as good a segue into talking about the holidays as any :p It’s the Sinhala and Tamil New Year (which is based on the sun moving from a particular zodiac sign to another) over here, or at least, it will be soon. I believe the New Year festivities begin tomorrow and the day after will be a holiday as well. So it’s going to be a long four days all by myself since my parents have gone to the other house and they might not come back till next week anyway. I spent four or more years mostly by myself in the US and did all that was necessary on a day to day basis – cooking, cleaning etc. Of course, I always did the minimum necessary but I still did it :p I find myself too lazy to even make a cup of tea here since usually I know that my parents would be back in a day or two … This time however, since they might be gone for longer, I seem to have put myself in a pattern where I once again do the minimum necessary – OK, I guess I’m just plain lazy :p

Anyway, though we are supposed to get back to work on Wednesday, there might not be many at work and we might not even have any work till next Monday since I believe Friday is again a holiday and most people would simply take the extra two days in between off as well to make it a really long weekend. The only problem is going to be that most of the shops and restaurants are going to be closed as well. So I’d better start cooking at home or stock up on pre-cooked stuff :p I guess it’ll be a good break for most people, I don’t know how it will be for me. I probably should be coding during this time since I’ll have lots of free time, but I just don’t feel like coding at the moment. I just want to sit back and relax – I spent most of yesterday watching movies, I’ll probably spend a little time at work today setting up downloads and stuff which got interrupted due to the Net outage and then it’s probably back to the movies and maybe a little bit of PS2 gaming later on. I also have a lot of stuff going through my head that I want to write about here … So I guess I’ll stay occupied even though I might not be doing any coding :p

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