January 29, 2003

About the only coding I did yesterday (after all the hoopla about being back in the thick of coding day before <g>) was to complete work on the CSV reader component and then do the documentation. This was partly due to the fact that I did do other Delphi stuff which falls into the learning/experimentation category and partly due to the fact that I was distracted by “Dungeon Siege” :p The Delphi stuff was basically going through the Orpheus component suite from TurboPower since they’ve decided to open source it and have put it up at SourceForge – search for TurboPower if you are interested. I haven’t used Orpheus before but I do use another of TurboPower’s products, Abbrevia, to handle the backup functionality in Blog. So I’m glad to see that even Abbrevia will be open sourced eventually. I might even come to use Orpheus since it’s a fairly comprehensive component suite and might have something that I can use and now that it is open source, I can be sure of keeping up with newer versions 🙂

I thought last night about what needed to be done by me in the way of coding. There is BlogMan which still needs to be released as a final release – I think all that I need to do there is add support for titles in B2 (sorry about not getting to that yet Greg) and then do some UI customizations to display only the stuff available in each blogging utility. I need to get on it – hopefully soon … I should really install B2 on my server so that I can do some testing – maybe today … I also need to get back to work on Blog and do a bug-fix release. The biggest problem there is the toolbar customizations but I’ve totally forgotten all the work I did there and so I can’t think of an approach to solve it and since I don’t start work unless I get fired up by inspiration, I keep on sitting here thinking about getting back to work on Blog – I need to break this cycle :p

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