January 16, 2003

I’m still having SSH related problems with the QBoard stuff at SourceForge. I was hoping that I’d be able to commit to CVS yesterday but turns out that my SSH public key that Putty (the SSH client that I was using) generated was invalid – or rather that it was valid but not quite in the format that the SourceForge system expected when I entered it into their system. So I had to redo it yesterday and since that means another six hour wait, I couldn’t do anything yesterday either. I’m kinda getting fed up of the whole thing and if I can’t commit today either, I might simply opt to send the source code to Joel and get out of the whole thing since the work seems to be totally disproportionate to the end result :p

Speaking of end result, I totally agree with DeViLbOi’s comments about the new layout – it really is missing something 🙂 Hence the reason I put it in the test folder and asked for people’s opinion. I just don’t know what is missing but it just doesn’t seem to fit right. But I’ve since had another idea to modify that one (again) and so I probably will put up the modified layout again in a day or two (depending on how soon I figure out how to implement the new idea). My biggest problem seems to be to try to figure out how to execute a given idea – for instance, I want a falling sand effect within the space of about three pixels and I’m not sure I can achieve that .. I’ll probably end up with blotchy patches of brown and then opt to go with a full sand effect (as opposed to falling sand) and that would probably just look like a brown line :p Ah well, if I knew how to do everything I want to do, I’d probably be a graphic designer instead of a coder 🙂

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