January 10, 2003

I see you …

I don’t know where I heard this story but I heard somewhere that when a hunter comes at a monkey with a gun that the monkey closes its eyes because it believes that the hunter can’t see it since it can’t see the hunter. Jen seems to be in the same category since she has redirected both the domains I pointed to yesterday to her other domain – probably in the hope that if the evidence isn’t there, then she didn’t do it :p OK, this is the last time I’m going to drag up the subject of Jen (hopefully, unless she finds somebody stupid enough to hijack this domain – as she has been trying to do …) but since she took out her sites, most of what I wrote yesterday probably makes no sense – so I’ve updated the entry for yesterday with a link to a page which contains the actual entry that Jen had up on her site – along with a screen capture in case she claims she never wrote any of it (you never know with her :p) That’s it about Jen … No more 🙂

Thank you all for your kind support and comments yesterday 🙂 As I’ve remarked before, it is great to have such good friends and none of you have even met me! It can never be a bad world with people such as you in it 🙂

As I think I mentioned a while back, I’ve been reading "The Early Del Rey" and while his work reflects a lot of those times (it was around World War II), it has such a lot of characters that I liked that I found myself drawn into the stories over and over again. It makes me wish (again!) that I could write like that or that I lived in those times – though I probably would have hated it since I wouldn’t have had access to computers :p I’m reading a set of five short novels by Lester Del Rey now called "Gods and Golems" and that too seems to be very, very interesting. I’ll probably write more about it eventually 🙂

I’ve decided to switch over the tagboard to my own installation of QBoard since I do love the features of QBoard and I might as well make use of the QBoard installation since I’ve spent so much time on it already :p

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OK, the new layout for this site’s just not coming up the way I want it to :p Maybe I should give up on the layout ideas and go back to coding as I should be doing (especially since there is this BOB related problem that a user is waiting on but for which I can’t seem to find a straight answer since he’s running BOB off a CD-ROM) but I am not happy with the current layout either. I know it is nice and it has served me well over the years but the site is now expanding and growing and I feel that the front page should provide easy navigation to all sections of the site. So I guess I’ll work at it a little bit longer but admit defeat if I am still stumped :p

Speaking of the site growing, I have ideas for two new sections 🙂 One I would like to call “hookup” <g> and is to be a help site along the lines of the GroupHug mailing list – basically a bulletin board where people can ask for any sort of help – not just my application related help. It might be that they have a problem with their Windows (the software – not the glass paned ones <g>) or they might want to change a window (the glass paned one <vbg>) and are looking for somebody to help. If somebody can help, then they can offer to do so. Of course, most of it will be remote access kind of stuff but I’m hoping that it could even lead to people in the same area assisting each other. What do you think? Workable? Too unrealistic? Too idealistic? :p

The idea is along similar lines but for writers – I want to set up a site which can be used by small cells of authors to work on stories. At the moment, I”m thinking of using MT for it and the initial user who wants to set up the cell will have to be registered as an admin for a new blog by me and then they can add new users for their own blog. At least, that’s the way I’m looking at it though I don’t know if MT works exactly that way. If not, I guess I’ll just have to look around for something which works that way. This idea actually came up because Edward and I want to collaborate on a story – and Edward actually has been doing a lot of work on the story whereas I’ve done nothing except say “I’d like to collaborate with you” – but then again, that’s me – all ideas and not enough execution :p

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