January 9, 2003

The old order changeth …

As you may have noticed, all things Jen have disappeared from these pages except for her old entries :p I was going to remain silent about her departure since I would have had to talk about somebody else in here if I were to talk about the reasons and the events behind her departure. But now Jen has seen fit to publish a set of lies, half-truths and slander at her site [Update: guess she doesn’t like it when somebody else talks about her :p Here’s what she originally had to say] about me and I am getting tired of her doing this whole oh-look-poor-Jenni-all-alone-in-the-world-and-so-put-upon shtick and am going to say my side of the piece 🙂 Incidentally (this is for Jen’s benefit :p) she might see fit to revise certain bits of her entry after reading this (she has a habit of doing that but more on that later) to make herself look good but I have to warn her that I have screen shots and copies of her page as it stands now and will publish them here if she does do so :p

First of all, I didn’t need to "run a script for my password" as she says because she gave me her GoDaddy password to do name server setup for her hosting business since she couldn’t figure out how to do that herself – I have no idea why she needs to lie about me having her passwords, unless of course, it makes her statements look stupid and a blatant bunch of lies :p Secondly, she gets so drunk at night she can hardly remember what she did towards the early hours of morning (such as asking me to transfer farook.org over to my own name since *it’s my domain that she bought for me*) and incidentally, she does not stay up for my sake – if you really want to know why she stays up, you might want to go over to her other domain. It’s just interesting that somebody who keeps on saying that she hates liars, turns out to be such a big liar herself but then again maybe she just hates the competition :p

I realized she was lying about almost everything during the recent *hacker incident*. She had originally plagiarized an entry from an online source and the hacker caught her at it (read the comments). Then she goes and edits the entry to look as if she had had the link to the original entry all along. I would have been taken in myself except for the fact that I was using BlogMan and had the original entry (without the link) on my machine and I asked her casually if she’d had the link there originally because I didn’t remember seeing it and she tells me brazenly that yes, she’d always had the entry there. I then realized that I couldn’t trust her to be truthful and when she wanted to move and wanted me to pay for the UHaul (knowing full well that I didn’t have a credit card) and then got angry at me for not paying, I decided that it was time to get out. Weirdly enough, my credit card arrived the next day and I got my own hosting and moved my domain over to my new host since I knew she would be vindictive enough to shut down the domain if she could.

True to form, she sends out an e-mail (ostensibly to all her hostees) saying that anybody who uses MT on their site will have their account deleted on Wednesday (today over there in the US) if they don’t remove MT or move – and I was the only one who was using MT on her server (or at least she thought I was still on her server :p). Then she sends out the same e-mail again a couple of days later *in case somebody didn’t get it* – probably because she saw that my site was still up. She must have gone to delete my account today and found that she couldn’t get offline and then gets even more vindictive and starts a whole bunch of lies. Ah well …
They have a saying here in Sri Lanka that "if you lie with dogs, you wake up with fleas" – I guess the same holds true for the female of the species … I’m just glad that I never did :p

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I think the verdict is in – nobody (as well as nobodyspecial – sorry internal joke :p) likes the new design for The Developer’s Corner :p But then again, I didn’t like it either since it seemed just not to fit in – unlike the SM design which I liked as soon as I completed it – hence that being up and the design for this page being in the test folder. Oh well, I’ve had another idea for a layout for this site so you might see something again up in the test folder or simply see the layout change depending on how it comes out :p It’s again going to be blue-based but I want to make it a lot more subtle. However, I seem to be stuck with this idea of frames like I used in SM, and so I keep on feeling the need to use graphical frames around the text here too but I am not sure that will come out the way I’m thinking of it. Ah well, the only way to see is to do it 🙂

In the mean time, I’m thinking of hosting a few people here since I have a lot of space and am hardly using any of it even after trying to several CMS installations and moving over all the bits and pieces from other sites. So if you are interested in being hosted, let me know and I can set up a sub-domain for you. So many people have been kind enough to provide me a space on the web in the past and the least I can do in return is to pass on the favour. I’ve already asked a few people but I think I should be able to host a few more. Oh yeah, there is a catch – my hosting company does not want any multimedia (audio or video) on their servers even if it was created by you. It’s in their terms of service and so I cannot have MP3, WAV, AVI files but other than that, it’s all fine. So if you are OK with that, I can host you 🙂

There is one further thing going on sitewise at the moment but that’s a bit ugly and personal. So I don’t want to discuss that here but expect a later post today on SM all about it …

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