September 11, 2001

This is such a sad day … we have proven once again that as human beings we are senseless, compunction-less and probably destined for extinction just because we have no feelings what so ever towards our fellow human beings! How could anybody slaughter countless innocents like that? What cause can there be that is so mighty as to shed the blood of one single human being let alone thousands upon thousands? Why oh why can’t we get it through our thick heads that there are no cast, creed, color, race,regional or political boundaries so sacrosanct that we should tear up this little mud-ball that we all live on by killing each other? I cannot but imagine what must be going through the minds of those who had loved ones in the affected areas, I wish with all of my heart that there was something I could do to help them or to ease their pain … why? why?

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I’m in a very introspective mood today … Have you had moments when something – a memory, song, an event … – evoked a feeling so strong in you that your heart seemed to be full to the point of bursting? I’ve had that happen to me twice in the span of twenty four hours. The first time was last night – I was thinking of Larry Niven’s “Destiny’s Road” and suddenly I was there on Destiny, standing on a ruler-straight road leading on to the horizon and beyond, with green alien vegetation growing profusely on either side of me. It was such an intense sensation that if I could have put everything that I felt at that moment into words, I probably would have come up with a brilliant novel. Now what I felt is just a fleeting memory but I can still almost touch that version of me there on Destiny and I guess that is exactly what makes a good writer (which I do not claim to be in case somebody thinks that’s what I’m saying :p) – the ability to get in touch with a character and show everybody else the world through their eyes. I wish I had that ability like Larry Niven does but I don’t … sad <g>

The second moment of … umm .. epiphany? .. no, not epiphany because it wasn’t a revelation but rather just a fullness of feeling – as if either your heart or your brain was suffused to the point of bursting with just feeling … Anyway, the second moment was today while driving to work. Alicia Keys came on the radio with “Fallin'” and I’ve heard the song many times before but that particular moment it evoked something in me that made me feel as if all was right with the world, that I finally understood what it was all about and that moment too passed …

Why am I talking about all of this? No reason really 🙂 But those two moments really meant something (though for the life of me, I can’t say what …) and I just felt like writing about them. That’s all … but now on to other stuff. I was fortunate enough to get the “Alien Legacy” boxed set over the weekend for $50 – second hand. I have seen (I think) the first three movies in the Alien series but can’t really recall more than moments from any of the movies. So I decided to watch them all and so I watched “Alien” yesterday and even had the time to watch a portion of the movie again with Ridley Scott’s commentary. I’m surprised by how well the movie stands the test of time though some of the sets and the alien do show their age in different ways. It is also kind of shocking to realize that the movie was made twenty two years ago and that I was alive at that time – makes me feel positively ancient :p

Not much happening with the coding end of things. I am really really busy at work and so won’t get to do much till perhaps the coming weekend. Incidentally, e-mails are steadily pouring in and if any of you don’t hear from me, please forgive me since it’s all this work – I’ve got a fairly huge bit of work that they want completed in five days and so I’m scrambling …

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