September 8, 2001

Not much reaction to the Blog 5.0 Beta 1 release yesterday or the TechTV review – this has been the first fairly low-key Blog release I guess. Ah well … I suddenly noticed today that the requests for my Morpheus Mentor story had somehow sky rocketed from around 20+ hits the last time I looked at it (which might have been a few days ago … I forget …) to 80+! I don’t know where the hits are coming from but I guess it’s high time I continued the story since it’s been neglected for a pretty long time. I intended to keep on writing when I first started but I do need some peace and quiet to concentrate on the story and that’s been something that’s been sorely lacking of late. But today I think I can get another installment in … lord knows that I’ve been planning the next installment in my head for long enough :p

Looks as if Compaq is getting ready to release PocketPC 2002 for the iPaq. There had been speculation that the iPaq’s will not be able to hold the whole of the new iteration of CE in their ROM and so that Microsoft was making a slimmed down version especially for iPaqs. I don’t know the truth of this statement and considering that they have a host of new features for PocketPC 2002, I still wonder whether this might really be true. Either way, I guess I’ll be ordering the new update since there are a few things there that I really like – plus, I’m an OS/software junkie :p Guess, I’ve got to wait a while though since they don’t take orders till the 17th of September and the actual CD’s are not supposed to ship till mid-October …

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